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Ferrari Trento DOC – Maximum Demi-Sec NV

Ferrari Trento DOC is an Italian sparkling wine produced by the renowned Ferrari winery located in Trentino, in the northern part of Italy. Known for its exceptional quality and elegance, Ferrari Trento is made using the traditional method (Metodo Classico), similar to the method used for Champagne.

The winery was founded in 1902 by Giulio Ferrari, who aimed to create sparkling wines that could rival the best Champagnes. The winery is now managed by the Lunelli family.

The primary grape variety used is Chardonnay, though some blends include Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc. These grapes are grown in high-altitude vineyards in the Trentino region, which provides a unique terroir that contributes to the wine’s distinct character.

Having received numerous awards and establishing a reputation for excellence, Ferrari Trento DOC is celebrated for its commitment to quality and its ability to showcase the unique characteristics of the Trentino region through its sparkling


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A strict selection of 100% Chardonnay, aged for more than 36 months.

Deep straw yellow in colour.
On the nose richly aromatic, offering notes of exotic fruit, custard and almond biscuits.
On the palate rounded and creamy with a sweet aftertaste, reminiscent of ripe yellow-fleshed fruit along with hints of vanilla, counterbalanced by fresh acidity.


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