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Vetz was created by a group of Italian friends that love Aperitivo and the good life.

The word Vetz means “Buddy/friend” in Italian and we want people to enjoy Vetz among friends just like Italians do!

To create new relationships and to care for old ones.

No stress, no musts, no pressure, just you, your friends and a good drink.


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VETZ’s mission is to give the world the right product to enjoy authentic moments of conviviality and pleasure with friends.

The best way to achieve this mission?

With a sweet-bitter that respects tradition and innovates with quality, simply reoccurring to the total naturalness of its ingredients.

VETZ is developed in Monferrato (Piedmont), collaborating with one of the oldest Italian distilleries, surrounded by the Langhe hills, where the first Aperitifs were invented. After more than six months of prototyping and testing, the final blend of botanicals was brought to life. VETZ’s “Tintura Madre” was the beginning of the journey that took us here today, offering our product to the world hoping to gift better moments of friendship and sociability to everyone who tastes our product.

Meet VETZ. Made with natural ingredients, nothing fake, 22 botanicals.

The product draws on the tradition of Italian bitters, revisiting it with exotic notes without exceeding the obvious tropical. It has a rich aroma of Cedar, Gentian, Hibiscus and Nutmeg which leads to a full- bodied Camomile, Cassia, Elder- flower, Orange and Vanilla flavor. Captivating to the eye with amber and golden tones, light and at the same time engaging.

11% alcohol by volume, perfect to close the day’s work and start (or rather “aperire”, the Latin word that gives birth to one of the Italians’ favorite words) to unfasten the tie.


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