Simcic Chardonnay BRDA 2017

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Simcic Chardonnay BRDA 2017


  • $240 Half Dozen
  • $454 Dozen

Marjan Simčič is a cult producer in Slovenia. Half his vineyards are in Italy and half in Slovenia. Much lauded by the international press including Decanter, Wine Spectator and Suckling this producer is at the top of wine producers in Slovenia (and we also think Italy). The soil for his vineyards is rich in minerals, which contributes to the production of these unique wines. Simčič makes his wines based on traditional methods and natural viticultural and winemaking techniques including native yeast and no chemical additives


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Half Dozen $39.90
Dozen $37.80
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Clear yellow colour. Nicely composed wine, of medium body, with an intense and complex aroma. A flowery bouquet which with time begets a note of white blossoms, with a little peach, dried fruit and a soft touch of citrus and spice. It develops well on the palate, fresh and lively with a note of mineral tone, a hint of citrus, dried fruit and spices. Long lasting. Most enchanting, with a soft texture and the characteristics of its variety.


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