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Alan and Carolyna have been travelling to Italy for a long time. It is a country of immense history and character particularly with its artisan family wine producers. Alan has put together a package of artisan winemakers. 3 whites and 3 reds all from different regions, packaged with a 20% discount.


The Visintini family winery is in Friuli Colli Orientali, in the far north east of Italy.
Visintini Friulano. The Visintini Friulano is straw yellow with greenish reflections. On the nose, hints of almond, apple and flowers. The flavour is dry, sour, fruity with apple and almond and moderate acidity.

Pian delle Querci

The Pian delle Querci family are highly regarded and have been historic winemakers in this area for a considerable time.
The Rosso di Montalcino is elegant with multi layers producing a wine which has complexity but does not detract from a smooth silky palate feel.


The Accordini family started in the early 1900’s and are now producing wines in the hills of the Valpolicella Classica area which are unique both in taste and bouquet.
The Valpolicella Classico is intense with forest fruits, cherries and raspberries. It is voluminous, modulated but soft and elegant tannins. Hints of spices integrated with light taste of mature fruits and good acidity.


This fine producer from Piedmonte is one of a few that produce “the white Barolo” a Timorasso. This variety was almost extinct many years ago until reestablished by a number of wineries. The Piccolo Derthona made 100% from Timorasso grapes is a straw yellow colour with notes of citrus, white flowers, white pulp fruit, mineral nuances and hints of aromatic herbs. The taste is fresh, smooth, light and with mineral notes.


The Manzone family have had this land since the early 1900’s in Monforte d’Alba Piedmont
Manzone Langhe Nebbiolo is fruity with a very delicate rose note. Medium intensity with a ruby red colour. Red fruit with some spice and good tannins.

Vola Vole 

Cantina Orsogna dedicated this line of wines to bees It is biodynamic, organic and vegan and reflects the importance of bees in biodiversity. At Orsogna bees are safe from pesticides and herbicides. Fermentation yeasts are selected from the pollen of bees. Cantina Orsogna is the first winery in Abruzzo to be certified for biodiversity.
Vola Vole Trebbiano is made from 100% trebbiano grapes and is a straw yellow colour with an intense nose with hints of white flowers. The palate is citrus fresh, savoury , mineral with a long finish





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Alan is a director of Italian Wine Importers and he has put together a six bottle pack of the wines he likes to drink from artisan family producers. It is great value at $175 (over 20% off regular retail price).


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